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While the composite deck brands continue to expand their lines and promote their brands to be “maintenance-free”,  most Fairfield County homeowners are fast to discover the truth – dirt, grime, algae, and mold start to build upon the deck surface all the same.

Resulting in a dull, faded look to your otherwise lovely deck. The same can be said for even the most beautifully stained wood deck. There is no perfect decking material. All decks require some maintenance to keep up with the sun exposure, and changing seasons.

All winter most decks sit in mounds of snow, in the fall leaves that sit and are allowed to decay on decking planks can leave behind the perfect recipe for mold and the sun beats the surface all the while. Your deck takes a beating – the least you can do is give it a bath and treat it to the industry’s finest, ecologically friendly cleaners.  Of course, we are taking a light-hearted tone but this problem is nothing to laugh at.

Your home, your deck and your property are likely your biggest investment. Look after them and reap the rewards season after season and especially when it is time to sell.

Home maintenance, like care maintenance, is important and should not be overlooked. The team at Fairfield Wash and Seal can help with Power Washing, Sealing, Window Cleaning and more.

Having a party or social get together?  We can help! Our fast and affordable deck cleaning service will ensure that your outdoor living space is looking its very best in almost no time.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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