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Deck Repair, Maintenance & Care Fairfield CT

Your deck is an essential addition to your home. A beautiful, well-maintained deck is the ideal spot to spend the warm days, having a barbecue, entertaining friends, or just relaxing and enjoying the day.

An outdoor deck is constantly exposed to the elements, including harsh winter conditions, summer storms, and intense heat from the summer sun. While there’s no such thing as a self-cleaning deck or a deck that lasts forever, regular maintenance can ensure that your deck lasts, looks good, and gives you the most enjoyment possible during its tenure.

Deck Repair: Structural Soundness

The first step to getting your deck ready for summer is a thorough inspection. Nails popping up, loose boards or trim, and any rotten or decaying wood need attention. Not only will these issues shorten the longevity of your deck, but if not addressed, they can become a safety hazard as well.

Deck Preparation

Deck maintenance starts with the structure and integrity of the deck. Once the deck is structurally sound, it’s time to work on appearance. Your deck needs to be cleaned and readied for a fresh coat of stain. 

A good stiff utility brush, some warm soapy water, and a little elbow grease is one of the best ways to remove any mold, mildew, or built-up accumulations of dirt. A garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle can also help to loosen and remove dirt and grime. A power washer is the quickest way to remove residue, but care must be taken not to gouge or damage the deck if you choose this method.

Deck Staining — Choosing & Applying Deck Stain

There are several decisions to make when choosing the best stain for your deck. Typically, darker colors have better resistance to weather and wear, while lighter finishes emphasize the natural beauty of the wood grain.

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Maintaining your deck and ensuring it’s ready for summer takes a little time and work but protects your investment, and ensures that your deck is both safe and visually appealing during the spring and summer. While many homeowners have the experience, tools, and knowledge to maintain a deck, doing it yourself can also result in damage, poor quality, and poor overall results.

The deck care professionals at Fairfield Wash and Seal have helped countless homeowners keep their decks weather-resistant and visually appealing. We offer complete deck repair, sealing, and deck staining services that will help restore and preserve your deck. To learn more about deck maintenance and schedule a free consultation and quote, contact us today.

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