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Fairfield County Roof CleaningAs your go-to local Roof Washing Company in Fairfield County CT; we understand it is our job to share all we know about home care; cleaning and washing and pass it on to homeowners.

At Fairfield Wash and Seal we get a lot of questions about roof cleaning services and we are happy to answer them.

We take our role as roof cleaning professionals very seriously and I put this FAQ resource together to help share all I know!

Most people don’t ever think about cleaning their roofs, especially when they have a lifetime guarantee on their shingles. But, when you see the telltale signs of algae growth–those black streaks on your roof– you have to act.

The best way to prolong the life of your roof is to be proactive and hire a professional cleaner. Fairfield Wash and Seal offers several roof care and cleaning services specifically designed for homeowners here in Fairfield.

In this blog post, we have taken a moment to answer some common roof cleaning questions we get asked by Fairfield County homeowners.

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Does roof cleaning work?

  • Yes. Plain and simple. Roof cleaning is a fast, affordable way to help protect your roof from green and black algae, mold and the damages of tree debris as well as the hands of time.
  • Roof cleaning aka roof cleanings can restore the color and luster of your roof and can prolong its functionality.

What products do you use to remove the stains on roofs?

  • We use a high-quality biodegradable solution that effectively cleans your roof shingles or tiles without harming them or the surrounding landscape.

Will the roof cleaning or roof cleaninging process hurt the landscaping around my home?

  • No, we only use a high-quality biodegradable solution that won’t harm plants or beds around your home. Your lawn, shrubs, and pets will be safe and sound.

Do you use high-pressure power washing on the roof?

  • No. We’re here to clean your roof, not wreck it. The pressure of a power washer removes the small granules that coat your roofing shingles. We have cleaning products and machinery specifically designed for roof cleaning. Nothing we do will hurt your roof, anyone willing to power washes your roof should not be hired. Power washing a roof will lower the roof’s life expectancy and open your home up to damage.
roof, cleaning, in, fairfield, county, ct
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Can I clean my roof myself?

  • Sure, but I can’t recommend it. Not only is it dangerous but there are also a lot of bad products out there that may seem like a good idea but are actually damaging to many roofs.

Safety first:

  • Is your roof walkable? How high off the ground is it and how steep?
    Gravity is nothing to mess with. As a professional, I recommend not doing it yourself!
  • Walking on a wet roof is more difficult than you might anticipate.
  • We use professional-grade cleaning products that aren’t available in stores.
  • Our roof cleaning products will clean your roof more efficiently and most importantly won’t damage your shingles.

We have experience and knowledge of the best practices and safety rules to follow, so please leave it to us. Really, we hear horror stories all too often.

My roof has “Lifetime” products, why do I need to replace them so soon?

  • The source of what may look like black streaks on your roof is an alga called Gloeocapsa Magma. Depending on the age and condition of your roof, cleaning may be the most cost-effective solution, since it’s about five to ten percent of the price of a roof replacement. If the algae is not removed with correct washing, then the shingles will need to be replaced.

What causes the black streaks on my shingles?

  • Algae-caused marking isn’t preventable in our Fairfield County climate but can be removed. The algae won’t be removed permanently after washing, but thorough cleaning prolongs the life of your shingles. The algae survive through photosynthesis and by feeding on limestone filler used in asphalt shingles. Black marks became a problem about 20 years ago when manufacturers began adding limestone granules to add weight to the material used to coat shingles.

Why should I worry about algae stains at all?

  • While the dark streaks are unsightly, experts tell our team that the greatest danger to the roof is from moisture retention or root damage that algae and other life forms can cause. Also, algae and fungus can grow together to form lichen, the roots of which can wrap around and feed on the granules covering the shingles. Once established, lichen is not easily removed. Even if it dries out, it can come back to life with the next rain. Scrubbing or power washing lichen will only cause more damage.

Why should I choose Fairfield Wash and Seal to clean my roof?

  • Fairfield Wash and Seal is the #1 company to hire for roof washing in Fairfield County. We don’t use high-pressure washing systems, which can remove granules coating shingles and lower their life expectancy. We will treat your home as if it was our own!

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