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You work hard to keep the inside of your home clean, safe for your loved ones, and looking its best. Doing the same for the outside of your home not only increases its curb appeal but also its beauty right from the front door. 

Keeping the outside of your home free and clear of pesky natural elements like algae mold and lichen protects your home’s exterior surfaces (siding, roof, soffits, gutters, concrete, etc.) from damage due to the organic but destructive growth of mold and mildew. 

As Fairfield’s go-to expert Power Washing and Pressure Washing company, we are often asked about our services and which is best for any given set of specific exterior cleaning needs. 

We get it, power washing and soft washing sound related but clearly there is a difference. It’s true, both power washing and soft washings are water cleaning services, popular and in their own right, each effective ways to keep your home’s exterior at its best, but which is suitable for your home?

Fairfield County Pressure Washing

Water has immense power when put under tremendous pressure. 

  • A pressure washer uses this type of pressure to clean hard surfaces with blasts of water. This water stream is small in diameter but can be so strong it can remove spray paint, old gum, mold, mildew stains and of course if not in the hands of a professional…power washers can cause significant damage. Power washers like most things with the word ‘power’ in their name have to handled carefully.

    While some cleaning solutions can be mixed with pressurized water for even greater cleaning capacity, the advantage of pressure washing is the ability to clean without chemicals or with lesser concentrations of chemicals. 

Soft Washing Fairfield CT

The word “soft” evokes an entirely different feeling than that of the word “pressure” or “power” but, this can be misleading. 


  • While soft washing does not utilize the higher PSIs (pressure per square inch) associated with pressure washing, it can use pressurized water at much lower PSIs and chemicals in greater concentration and quantity.  

The word “soft” in soft washing refers more to the surfaces for which it is utilized. More delicate substrates that can’t handle highly pressurized water are better serviced by soft washing. 

In this use, instead of pressurizing water, greater quantities of water are used with more chemicals to clean areas unable to withstand the better-known pressure washers. 

Both methods of cleaning are highly effective but used on different surfaces. Which is better for your home can vary according to what is being washed and personal preference. 

Fairfield Wash and Seal is here to help keep your Fairfield County home beautiful. 

Whether you need exterior painting, roof cleaning, deck cleaning, and deck repair, or are looking to have an outdoor home maintenance plan put together, our team is here to help you keep your family’s home clean and looking its best. Give us a call for all your exterior home cleaning needs.

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