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House Painting

fairfield count house painterWe may specialize in power washing your home, but we are also experts at interior and exterior painting. That’s because we want to help make your home as handsome as we can.

Sometimes pressure washing your vinyl or wood exterior isn’t enough because you want to completely change the color of your Fairfield home—let us do the work!

Fairfield County – House Painting Service

A change of trim color can completely makeover your home’s appearance, just as a new pop of color on your front door can joyfully welcome visitors.

Additionally, if you’re an apartment or condominium owner, we can make your job easier by painting your Fairfield apartment complex exterior and interiors!

Our painters are detail-orientated and take great care in the work we do. We can also help with the wallpaper, drywall and plaster repair, or updating your trim color. Here’s a list of our services that we’re proud to offer both to our residential and commercial customers:

Interior painting services:house painting westchester ny

  • drywall/plaster repair
  • wallpaper: stripping and installation
  • apartment and condominium interior paint
  • condominium common areas: hallways and staircases
  • faux finishes like wood paneling

Exterior painting services:

  • wrought iron fence painting
  • deck staining
  • siding, trims, windows, and doors: stripping, painting or staining
  • porches: power wash and seal
  • Belgium/CMU-block waterproofing
  • Anti-graffiti coating

Here at Fairfield Wash and Seal, if we can clean it, we can paint it! No painting project is too big or too small—we’re just as happy to paint an accent wall in your living room as we are to paint your entire home.



power washing

Power washing, or pressure washing as it is also called, is a fast and easy way to clean your home’s exterior.



Here at Fairfield Wash and Seal, we know that deck staining is a fast way to make an old deck look new.



We may specialize in power washing your home, but we are also experts at interior and exterior painting.



This company is the most reliable power washing company I’ve ever hired. Every year I have always looked for a new team disappointed by the last! After working with Fairfield Wash and Seal I know I have found my team! The search is over. Thanks, Jim!

Fairfield Wash and Seal offers many services beyond power washing and deck sealing. At my Greenwich house, they installed wallpaper and painted my bathroom, a bedroom, and office, all the work they did looks great!

I tried Jim’s Wash and Seal company this spring for my pre-summer cleanup up. They did power washing on my house. I have to say, the work they did was fast and high-quality. I’ve been recommending them to everyone I know.

I’ve used other power washing companies Jim’s team is far and away not only my favorite power washing company to work with – but also the most talented and professional! Thanks for the great job Jim!

Fairfield County’s Premiere Power Washing and Sealing Company