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Cedar Siding Repair: Inspect, Repair, Wash and Treat

Your home’s cedar siding needs to perform through all four seasons and look good doing it.

At Fairfield Wash and Seal, we specialize in caring for and repairing cedar siding and roofing. We provide Cedar siding repair for residential customers throughout Fairfield County and right here in Greenwich, CT.

Our cedar siding repair services were designed to help mitigate damage; while developing a care plan to prevent future deterioration with homeowners. With cedar, it is always to address breakdown or rot as it is found and not to let it sit too long. 

Not sure if your cedar siding is healthy?

We provide professional cedar siding inspection services, both on-demand and on annual schedules.

During a cedar siding repair inspection, we are looking to determine the health of the wood, identify any weak spots, missing shingles, curling shingles, cracked shingles, and of course, check for mold and vermin infiltration points. 

The first signs of breakdown with cedar siding are usually slight discoloration and dampness.

Here in New England, we also have to contend with a fine salt-water mist in our air that hits our homes with each gust of wind, snow and, rainstorm.

Cedar siding and roofing systems are growing in popularity here in Fairfield, CT, and that says something; cedar siding and roofing are amoung the oldest, most classic roofing types still in use today!

The biggest threat to cedar sidings’ longevity is our extreme Connecticut weather. Be it the summer sun or a winter storm, Fairfield faces some form of precipitation, and your cedar siding sits in a perpetual shifting state of wetness and moisture. Both the summer heat and the freezing temperatures of the winter take a toll on your cedar siding.

How to Maintain Your Cedar Shake Roof & Siding

Protect your Cedar Roof and Siding with Regular Maintenance

As with all things, if you want to keep your cedar siding looking and functioning at peak performance, the best defense is proactive upkeep, which starts with a maintenance schedule. Our Cedar Siding Repair and Cleaning Process:

  • Our cedar siding repair services start with a detailed assessment; we will come out to your house and inspect your cedar siding; you can show us areas that concern you then we will review your home and present our findings.
  • After any needed repairs are made (typically simple calking and shingle replacement), we will proceed with our cedar siding cleaning and treatment. 

Note: we never use pressure on cedar, and no one should!) our eco-friendly cleaning solution takes half a day to complete, then a full 2-3 days to dry.

  • Once dry, we will come back and apply a protective coating (to help create a barrier around your home to keep up unwanted moisture and the mold, mildew, and destructive natural elements that can damage your cedar roof and siding.) 

Our cedar siding repair and cleaning services ensure that the siding system we are protecting is in good shape and well sealed. In addition, the protective coating significantly enhances the home’s curb appeal. 

Client Testimonials

We care what our customers think of us and so should you.

I’ve used other power washing companies Jim’s team is far and away not only my favorite power washing company to work with – but also the most talented and professional! Thanks for a great job, Jim!

Matt F.

Greenwich CT

I tried Jim’s Wash and Seal company this spring for my pre-summer cleanup. They did power washing at my house. I have to say, the work they did was fast and high-quality. I’ve been recommending them to everyone I know.

Gene D.

Fairfield CT

Fairfield Wash and Seal offers many services beyond power washing and deck sealing. At my Greenwich house, they installed wallpaper and painted my bathroom, a bedroom, and office, all the work they did looks great!

Amanda R.

Darien CT

This company is the most reliable power washing company I’ve ever hired. Every year I have always looked for a new team disappointed by the last! After working with Fairfield Wash and Seal I know I have found my team! The search is over. Thanks, Jim!

Tim F. Newtown CT

Newtown CT